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What Are We

Helping children grow through care and support is what we do. We incorporate art and music in our teachings of math, science and the basic school activities to to help children learn and develop with a well rounded appreciation for the arts and to promote learning and get comfortable with a school setting. 

At Lots a Tots, we provide activities such as arts and crafts, writing projects and games that help teach children skills such as independence, disciplinary and problem solving and most important manners and respect of themselves and others. 

Our wide range of children also offers a child a chance to grow and develop with other children in a fun and safe environment. 

We also offer a variety of guests that come in and talk to the children offering a show and tell from dentists and military persons to artists and actors, opening up a world of wonder and ideas for children of all ages. 

We serve a healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch for all children as well as provide daily snacks.

TOYS At Lots A Tots we provide a great supply of developmentally and age appropriate toys for children to play and learn.  When children bring toys from home they might be lost, broken and sometimes are not age appropriate.  We have a no toy gun and weapon policy! OUTDOOR PLAY When the weather cooperates we will spend time outdoors, ranging from a brief walk when it is fairly cool and Winter play time to an hour or two in the Summer.  (Appropriate clothes are the parents responsibility) INDOOR PLAY We provide a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities that will not only entertain your child, but also offer opportunities to learn additional skills.

DISCIPLINE Our focus is not only on education, but also on respect for one another and respect for property.  As a result we do not allow children to hit or shove other children or verbally abuse or tease them. We also stress that they treat material possessions with respect.  There is a difference between playing hard, and using a toy for a purpose for which it was not intended. Occasionally children do not behave in respectful ways.  We first remind them of the proper behavior.  If the behavior is repeated, a child will be redirected or asked to sit out of the activity until he/she is ready to participate appropriately, time depending on age.

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